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Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Post....

Snail mail time!

I must admit, I was really excited when I got this envelope in the mail:




On the back, that elephant figure is Ganesha, the elephant headed Hindu god of knowledge and luck. He's very fond of ladoo (round sweets like the kind he's holding in the picture), and his mount/special animal is the mouse (In Hindu mythology, all the gods/goddesses have a special animal they ride on, and that represents them). Ain't that cute? He's offering a ladoo to the little mouse!
And, I'm sure Ilona didn't realize this, but Ganesh is the key deity of the area of India I'm from, Maharashtra. So that made my day :)

On the front of the envelope there, that's a disembodied head flying sideways after being whacked off...

By the goddess Kali!

She looks kinda Powerpuff-esque, doesn't she? On the bottom there it says KALI...Goddess of time and death. Ok, the time aspect I never heard of. But she certainly looks like she'd bring death, doesn't she? (in "real" Hindu mythology, she wears a red sari, not a dress made of severed arms. That's just odd.) What she's really known for, though, is slaying demons and evildoers left and right (which explains the disembodied head. She does that a lot.) Oh, and the picture really is cut off at the bottom of the stationary. Not quite sure why the artist decided to do that, but there you go.

The next sheet:


That would be Sarasvati, the goddess of wisdom and knowledge (on the bottom it just says "Goddess of knowledge"). She's usually seen with a peacock, though, not a swan. Oh well. I guess the artist was from a different part of India, where the mythology is a little different?

The back of the letter is cute as well--

The names of the various goddesses, in Hindi and English.

Needless to say, I absolutely loved this stationary and was quite tickled by it. One other sheet came with it:


I really liked the old-fashioned look of it (It didn't exactly go with the rest of the stationary, but it's fun to throw in a little randomness, yes? I think so :D)
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